Thursday, July 2, 2009

I confess: I did it....but I didn't like it

Yesterday was a big day for me. I broke down and did exactly what I didn't want to do; I finally showered. You know what it's like when there's something you dread doing. Everything else seems to take priority. ANY excuse seems valid. But I think my reasons are legit.

Here are my top [five] reasons why I dread/delay showering (not ranked in order of importance):

1. [wet hair:] Let's face it. Blow drying your hair is extremely damaging. The more often you shower, the more you blow dry your hair, and the faster your hair is damaged, the quicker you get split ends, which leads to more money spent to get it cut! Does anyone agree with me? Plus, who wants to blow dry their hair on a hot and sweaty day with no air conditioning? Not me, that's for sure. The solution: don't shower.

2. [wet skin on dry clothes:] You might as well have me chew on cotton. I get goosebumps putting dry clothes on a wet body. I hate the feeling of cotton sticking to my skin, and having to peel it off. Ugh, the thought just makes me cringe. Instead, I would rather run around naked until every drop of water has dried, but there's never time for that because I postpone showering until the very last second. It's always wash and go, no time for for drying. Get the clothes on and get out the door.

3. [clogged drain:] Please, tell me the truth. Would you be thrilled to shower if you knew that you were about to stand in the midst of hairy, dirty water, one and a half feet high? Nothing grosses me out more than the gobs of hair coming out of our drain, keeping me company while I attempt to get myself clean. Every time I shower I witness a month's worth of hair rise from the dead. It's like I have to shower after I shower, just to get all the hair of of my ankles. Is that encouraging? I think not.

4.[intentions to work-out:] Postponing my shower until after I exercise just makes sense. I mean, what's the use of showering in the morning if you know you will get sweaty later in the day? Sure, I could shower in the morning and night, but how likely is that? Clearly, it makes more sense to simply shower when the work out is done. The problem? Well, this is the way things usually go: I often think to myself, "Since I didn't exercise thiCheck Spellings morning, I'll run tonight, and I don't want to shower now, because I know I'll get all sweaty this evening." This thought is usually followed by, "I'm too tired to run tonight, but I'll definitely work out tomorrow morning and shower after that." And so the process repeats. It reoccurs in streaks more often than I would like to admit. Truly, I do intend to work out, but....

5. [coldness:] It doesn't matter if it's winter, spring, or summer; getting out of the shower is always cold. Sure, I could be more like Brandon and crank the heat on high to create a steamy sauna, but still, what happens when I leave the bathroom? Coldness. Pure coldness, which I of course, I dread.


The Martin Family said...

Gina you crack me up! I totally see your point with everything though. call me later. Love and miss you goo!!

kasey ferrell said...

GINA me too! i always wait to shower after i exercise so i mean this week meant not till wednesday, but i did try to go on monday but the gym was closed so there! and i also hate blowdrying my hair out here its so humid and hot and by the time my hair is dry my body feels like i just got out of the shower! anyways i miss you!

gina marie said...

Becca: Thanks for your help this afternoon. Look, somehow I can magically do what I couldn't do before. Whoo hoo!

Kasey: If I lived in Hawaii, or somewhere that wasn't so desert-like, I would have totally mentioned the humidity factor. Good point. I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone.

Eileen said...

Amen my sistah!!!