Saturday, June 20, 2009

My First Confession.

To all of those who have never witnessed my blog prior to this day, allow me to reveal my first confession: "Confessions Unconcealed" was formally known as "The McDonald Farm." Why the need for change?

Time for a reality check. Do I really strike you as the {farm girl} type? Sure, my adolescence years were spent in a small town where FFA grew rampant, but have I ever milked cow? Felt comfortable on a horse? Tortured myself to wear a pair of Wanglers? Absolutely not. In fact, animals remain a foreign phenomenon. Throughout my childhood years, pets were the enemy; they were the unfriendly furry creatures that threatened my safety and caused the house to stink.

And yet somehow, I am married to the man who loves anything with four legs. Perhaps it's time for me to overcome, yet another, one of my fears, and take on a love for pets. Is it that easy? Only time will tell.


Jason and Danielle said...

I agree with you! You are definetely not a farm girl!

We are the delightfully happy Denhalters said...

YAY GINA!!! I'm so glad you posted something. I la la la love your writing! Where are you? When will I ever see my long lost cousin again.

I confess that I miss you and that brandon should bring you home:) Is that too much to ask?

I confess I hate hate hate cats and want to shoot them with paint ball guns:)

I confess i see you (sort of) as a farm girl...
Just because I know your dad..haha

Love you Gina. Can't wait for the next confession

gina marie said...

Yay! Look at these comments. What a pleasant surprise.

Danielle: Good to hear from you and thank you for agreeing!

Chelsea: RLOL (That means REAL lol, like I really did laugh out loud). Thank you for your additional confessions. The comment about the cats really got me going. OH, I miss you too. Brandon and I are still in the Great White North, aka, Idaho.

Danielle and Chelsea: Allow me to introduce you. Danielle, meet my cousin Chelsea. Chelsea, meet Brandon's cousin's wife, Danielle. Now that we are all family, I will definitely let you guys know the next time we go down to AZ, and hopefully, we can see you guys. Love you!