Saturday, June 20, 2009

Honest Assessment.

It's time for a bit of honesty. I cringe at the the thought of writing. No, that's wrong. Actually, I loath the idea of other people reading my writing. Wait. That's false. I write with the intent to be heard, but most importantly, I write because I {feel}. The essence of feeling it what makes men humane and helps define each personality. My feelings (the composition of me) are constantly changing and with this evolution comes the desperate need for documentation, and yet, eight months have passed from the first post I've made, and there's is not a word to be written.

What then, is the cause of my prohibition? Do I blame the absence on time? Laziness? Inexperience? Lack of content or all of the above?

Or perhaps, there's a deeper explanation that lies only within the realm of my psyche. Perhaps, it is my subconscious connection that equates publication with perfection, and therefore, prevents publication because perfection in writing does not exist, for when is a piece of writing ever truly complete?

With this dilemma discovered, there calls a need for sophisticated solutions. There must a cure, some methodical practice, which writers have used to overcome the problem that lies within me. Certainly, I cannot be the first who struggles with the need to perfect. Indeed, I am not. Proudly, I announce that after much research and analysis, a resolution to such a problem does exist! With profound insight, I declare the following formula: Step 1) GET OVER IT, step 2) write anyway.

To my readers who find fault, get over it. To myself, the greatest critic of them all, get over it and write anyway. To those who continue to read, I am not perfect. My feelings, thoughts, and expressions are often incomplete. Yet, after years of imperfection, I must be true to myself. I write for me and feel a need to document my life and ideas (as disoriented as they might be), and can no longer allow the presumed judgment of others to prohibit this process.

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