Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Leisa,

Today was your birthday, and I think you should know you've been on my mind for weeks. I can't help but wonder what a life with you would be like. I'd like to think we'd be best friends. I'd like to imagine we'd have an unbreakable friendship in which we understood each other in ways that maybe no one else could.

But you went Home before we really had the chance to know what that would be like. Yet, I will always admire you. You stuck up for me when I hadn't the courage to speak. You had a way of making me feel like I belonged, despite our difference of age, no matter who we were with. Did I ever tell you that you were the one who convinced me to move to AZ? I wanted to be there because you were. And so, I am left here wishing you were here today, wishing I could help make it a wonderful day. I love you dear sister. Please know I'm still loving you.


gina marie

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Bingham Co said...

I miss Leasa also. She was so incredible and full of life. She could always make me laugh when life wasn't the easiest. She is truly missed, but fulfilling a wonderful mission on the other side. She is watching over you everyday!!! She is still giving you the courage to speak up and doing many other things that is difficult to do on your own.