Monday, August 10, 2009

I tend to make {small} things BIG.

Sometimes, it's the smallest things in life that become the biggest. For some couples, it's the toilet seat. Others it's the toothpaste-- maybe the brand or tube squeezing technique. I too am guilty of making the {small} things BIG. Here are just a few of the small things Brandon does that I think are BIG:

Falling asleep in his arms: No matter how tired we are, or how recently I threw my latest fit, when we lie down for bed, Brandon {always} extends his left arm over my way, places my pillow on top of his shoulder, and brings me in closely so that my head lies comfortably near his chest. It's routine. We both know we won't stay in this position forever, but it doesn't matter. Being close to him those last few moments before my minds fades into unconsciousness means everything.

His excitement to see me: Everyday when Brandon comes home for lunch, he cracks the door open, peaks his head in, looks to the left, looks to the right, and then searches the house until he finds me. As soon as I'm found, he yells the word "LOVEY!" like a little kid who just discovered candy. Then he runs towards me, picks me up off the ground, and lays on a wet one. His excitement to see me is the best feeling in the world.

Only he calls me {Lovey}: He is my Lovey, as I am his. It's the sweet, endearing name he endowed to me during our early dating days. For him to say "Gina" sounds like another four letter word. I prefer Lovey. Such a simple word lets me know I am his, as he he mine. Truly, it is the {small} things that I tend to make BIG.


Krista said...

How is my favorite cousin! I love the blogging world, Your posts crack me up, I loved the cookie eating contest story. do not be ashamed, I am sure they were just happy to be getting free cookies :) I would have gave you some good competition, I Love love LOVE cookies! good to read your confessions :)

Photography By Jo said...

That is so so so so sweet! You have a great husband!!!

Brewer Family said...

Ah I love that! Mushy husbands are the best!

gina marie said...

Amen sista! That's the way I like my husbands, soft on the inside and firm and the outside!

Sandi said...

Hey Gina ( hope that didn't sound like a bad word to your tender little ears) Sorry it took me so long to test this comment stuff out! But here I am at last and Yay! it is working!

Omega said...

Love your blog. I have always really liked your husband. Good mariages are hard to come by. So glad that your is one of them. Always keep it that way.