Thursday, December 17, 2009

The FINAL Finale

Fireworks are a mysterious thing. Every year I anxiously watch and wait. Amidst the rapid firings are the intermittent lulls. With each pause, I can't help but wonder if the {finale} proceeds. Seconds seem like hours. When the firings return, I am convinced this is the end. The crowd grows silent. Viewers hope for a more grand finale, but accept the uncertainty. Then, just as I am about to leave the anticlimactic scene, an explosion of light fills the sky. Thunderous popcorn deafens the air. Undoubtedly, I know, this is the FINAL finale.

And so it is with my semester. I anxiously await the outburst of testing that is about to take place. I don't how or why I have ten finals from only seven classes, but matters still remain. Last week I took four, but six await. Today, they will come. Ready or not, here they come. Undoubtedly, I know, this is the FINAL finale.

1 comment:

Alli said...

I hope your finals went well! Thank goodness they're over.

I totally miss you. Whenever you and Brandon are in Boise PLEASE, PLEASE OH PRETTY PLEASE stop by.

Seriously, I miss you.

If you come over we'll make dinner, play games, eat dessert, have long discussions about how we're suckers for infomercials and the mall salesmen.

I miss my Lovey's!